FMCSA Compliant Electronic Driver Log

DriverLog – The most complete HOS solution compliant with  the ELD mandate, fully integrated with DVIR.

E-Log integrated with DVIR. Made Simple & Affordable

DriverLog is the industry’s simplest to operate, most flexible to implement and most affordable E-Log solution fully compliant with FMCSA final ruling and Canadian DOT ruling for HOS, fully integrated with DVIR.

DriverLog is made up of two components: The mobile application that can be installed on any Android device and the web based DriverLog platform that is easy to adopt and integrate into your current operation.


Driver Cycle

View of the driver HOS status within current cycle



Provides complete visibility of daily and historical monitoring of the inspection finding for every truck

DriverLog Platform

View in real-time the current and historical HOS data
The DriverLog platform is providing the dispatcher with complete visibility of the status of every driver in the E-Log HOS shift and cycle including replay of daily history and comprehensive reports.

Your fleet has multiple requirements.

We offer multiple ELD options for HOS compliance.

If you currently don’t have or if you want to replace your current GPS fleet management system and you want to have the benefits of a fixed mount GPS unit that meets the ELD mandate e-log requirements, we offer the TotalHub STX with integrated Bluetooth to be installed in every vehicle and DriverLog to be installed on Android ELD devices.

The TotalHub STX plugs into the trucks ECM and reads the J1939 or J1708 engine diagnostics, detects and analysis driver behavior and sends the data to the Fleet.Net fleet management server via cellular. In parallel, the STX will send the FMCSA mandated data for e-log to the Android ELD device via Bluetooth BLE.

If you use Android Tablets for ELD Hours of Service – we offer the TotalHub Plus, the industry’s most innovative and cost-effective integrated solution for fleet management and Hours of Service e-log. In addition to advanced functionalities such as GPS, engine diagnostics, driver behavior, active or passive RFID and temperature monitoring, the TotalHub Plus also provides an in-cabin WIFI hotspot.

The TotalHub Plus plugs directly into the truck’s engine diagnostic ECM, reads the J1939 or J1708 engine diagnostics error codes and the FMCSA mandated data for HOS and sends the following:

  • The engine diagnostics codes, the GPS and other telematics data directly to the fleet management server via cellular
  • The FMCSA mandated data for HOS e-log via WIFI to the Android tablet ELD to be processed by the DriverLog application.

The DriverLog HOS e-log and DVIR app installed on the Android tablet are sending and receiving data via WIFI to the Piccolo that is acting as a WIFI hotspot, routing the data via cellular to the DriverLog server.

The major advantage of using the TotalHub Plus is using a single SIM card for both the GPS device and the Android tablet ELD for E-Log, DVIR and Dispatch.