Waste Management

Does your fleet consist of waste management vehicles?

Whether you are a government or commercial entity, you have particular concerns.
The transport of waste is subject to government regulations.

Total Telematics can assist you with safety, compliance and efficiency issues.

There are limitations on where both solid waste and hazardous waste trucks are permitted to travel. With its superior GPS tracking systems, Total Telematics solutions help ensure that your drivers are compliant with acceptable routes. Take note of any deviations that could put your business at risk.

Worried about driver safety and performance?

Total Telematics offers can help alleviate your concerns. Video footage allows you instant access to your vehicle. You can also monitor whether your drivers travel at too high a speed. Or, if they have a habit of slamming on the brakes.

It’s an investment to hire employees. Retention is a concern in every industry. Total Telematics allows you to work with your drivers. Train them the way you want them to work.

What else is important?


Total Telematics can help cut down on fuel. You will be able to take a proactive role in the usage of waste management vehicles. You will also have access to tools that track everything from a quick stop and go, to mileage. You will know when fuel is wasted because a driver thought idling was acceptable. And, make sure idling is not a common event.

Fleet managers who oversee waste management vehicles traveling across state lines will enjoy the ease in reporting fuel taxes in compliance with IFTA. The same goes for those who need ELDs to comply with federal regulations.

Accident Claims

A primary consideration for waste management businesses is concerns about accident claims. The beauty of Total Telematics is that it doesn’t just regard collisions. Video footage will also document spills. This is often a concern for businesses that transport waste.

Insurance premiums may be reduced when waste management systems employ Total Telematics systems. They are well-respected tools in the industry and help prevent loss.

Avoid Accident Claims

Featured Product

TotalLink The Game Changer

The industry's only solution that combines GPS based tracking devices integrated with active RFID tags.

Product Description

An TotalLink RF tag is placed on every trailer or container, and a TotalHub with an TotalLink module is installed in every truck. In addition to sending the GPS position, driver behavior and via the air engine diagnostics the Piccolo Plus is also communicating wirelessly to the TotalLink placed on every trailer. The range of the RF communication is up to 250ft (70m) and is configurable for shorter range as needed. The TotalLink is sending attach and detach data to Fleet.Net via the Piccolo Plus that is adding to it the current date, time and GPS location data and sending it to the Fleet.net server so you know what asset was picked up and dropped off when and where and by what truck and/or driver. At the Fleet.net server you will have a view and can generate a print out of the last know location of every container and for how long it has been parked at that place.

See what the TotalLink can do for your business.

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