Taxi and Limousine

What are some of your biggest challenges as a fleet manager in the taxi and limousine industry?

Our clients tell us that safety is their biggest concern.

After all, transporting passengers is precious cargo.

How can Total Telematics help you?

Our solutions deal with safety issues first. Determine the driving patterns of your drivers.

Do you find a pattern of excessive acceleration or harsh braking?
Does one of your taxi or limousine drivers seem to put themselves or others at risk?

You need a system that can monitor driver behavior patterns.

One that help you with real-time coaching. Make your drivers aware that you can track their activity. The combination will make for a safer team.

Total Telematics solutions also include GPS tracking tools.

Locate your taxi and limousine fleet at all points. Dispatch them by their locations. Alert your drivers to adverse traffic conditions so that they consider alternative routes.

What if one of your taxis or limousines is in an accident?

It’s as if you are there. You will have access to instant video of the scene. Even whiplash claims are mitigated easier with a record of G-force data.

Improve your Business Opportunities

Improve your Business Opportunities

The taxi and limousine industry is competitive. Increase your reputation by providing safe and efficient service. The best are always in demand.

Reduce insurance costs. We know the price of insurance can be high. Most carriers reduce premiums when they learn your company is using Total Telematics video and tracking technology.

Ensure drivers are making efficient use of fuel.

Want to know if they let their engines idle while waiting for fares? Total Telematics’ tools can provide you with information regarding idling. Helping you save on fuel costs.