Service Vehicles

Are you concerned about managing a fleet of field service vehicles?

Plumbers, electric, cable, and other service organizations all need to keep track of company cars or vans.

Total Telematics is a definite asset to any business dispatching vehicles to work sites.

With GPS real-time tracking tools, you will know where your vehicle and assets are at all times.

Ensure that your drivers are using the best route possible and are not diverting from planned routes. Eliminate conflicting information concerning stop and starts. Total Telematics solutions are an incredible means of improving business opportunities and enhancing customer service.

Need to add a stop to an already planned route? Not sure which vehicle is closest to the additional job?

Real time tracking tools give you the ability to review the locations of all of your vehicles instantaneously. Dispatch new work or reroute service technicians based on availability.

Your drivers will also not have to worry about cumbersome maps or backed up traffic. Total Telematics systems are equipped with alerts and suggested shortcuts to make more productive use of time.

Cut Risks, Protect Assets

Owning a fleet of vehicles puts your organization at risk. You want to ensure your drivers are following your safety requirements. Your goal is to make sure they are not in harm’s way and that your assets are protected. Obviously, you hope to avoid accidental damage at all costs.

Cut Risks, Protect Assets

Monitoring & Video Backup


Total Telematics tools can monitor the way your drivers handle your service vehicles. You will be able to determine acceleration and braking patterns. G-force sensors will enable you to detect harsh driving of all types. And, that’s not all.

Video backup is your virtual assistant when it comes to what Total Telematics can do for the service industry. Our instant view camera actually puts you on the scene. If one of your vehicles is involved in a collision, you will be able to review the feed. And, produce evidence to the authorities and your insurance company.

Services Industries Benefit from Technology

There’s an old way of doing things and the right way. Total Telematics offers a superior means of protecting, monitoring and managing your fleet.