Are you in charge of managing a fleet of police cars?

There’s no doubt you already know the merits of an instant view vehicle camera with real-time GPS tracking.

It just makes sense.

You have concerns about your officers every moment they are on the road.

Total Telematics tools give you the ability to monitor them. First, you will have the confidence that you can find their vehicles in real-time. In the police business, that itself can be a lifesaver.

Get a quick location.

A very vital part of real-time GPS tracking is the ability to see an entire fleet instantaneously. Your police force will be used more efficiently as it is easier to dispatch based on whereabouts. Time can mean the difference between life and death in extreme situations.

Once your officers have been dispatched, you want them to get on the scene as soon as possible. Real-time information shows traffic slow ups and the need for alternate routes.

Police cars move from one call to the next.

Vehicle safety is a priority. Total Telematics solutions give you the ability to monitor driver behavior. Are your officers operating their vehicles safely? Are there times where they unnecessarily leave a car to idle? Check this and more. Cut down on fuel costs and ensure the protection of your police force and fleet.

Real-time coaching is a benefit when it comes to guarding your officers and police vehicles.

Address issues with the way your officers operate their cars. Make sure they are aware that you can discover when they have diverted from an assignment.

Be there, without being there.

Total Telematics puts you on the scene of every stop in real-time. If your officer needs help, you can determine the reason and send back-up assistance without even a formal request. And, if someone makes false allegations? You have the documentation to dispute any fabricated claims. This will also cut down on insurance claims and their payout. You could think of it as technology to the rescue.

Safety First

Police departments provide a tremendous service and place themselves at risk. Gain the confidence and security that you can protect, monitor and manage your fleet remotely.