Efficiency and safety is the name of the game.

  • It’s imperative that your drivers are operating your vehicles safely.
  • Obviously, you want them out of harm’s way at all times.
  • There is also the issue of your fleet and its cargo.
  • And, of course, concerns about others on the road.

That’s why Total Telematics’ real-time tracking tools are indispensable for any logistics company.

Imagine the luxury of going out with your drivers on every run.

Our solution allows you to remotely monitor your drivers. You don’t even have to be in your office. Use a smart phone to determine crucial details. Discover if your operators drive erratically or brake abruptly. Total Telematics’ tools will also monitor stops and starts. You can use all of this information to coach your drivers and make them even better at their jobs.

As a fleet manager of a logistics company, you need to know where your trucks are at all times. The benefit of GPS tracking makes this a simple task. Your ability to monitor your fleet’s location has several advantages. It might mean maximizing productivity by rerouting trucks. Real-time tracking also adds a security net to your fleet. It enables you to find stolen vehicles and bring them back home.

Some trucking businesses tell us that they have concerns about drivers using their vehicle for personal reasons. This often becomes a non-issue once our solution is in place. There is no debate about the documentation provided by an instant view vehicle camera. As a result, most drivers avoid unauthorized use of the vehicle. And, if they do go off course, you will know about it.

Are compliance tasks a hassle?

Total Telematics helps you monitor and record driver hours. You are assured of accurate and detailed information.

Cut Down on Costs

The bottom line is that Total Telematics solutions can help you save money. Your drivers will become more efficient. You may even cut down on insurance costs. Any claims made against your company will be easier to verify or even deny.