Fire and Rescue

Fleet management of first responder vehicles is a challenging one.

Reaction time can be crucial whether your fire and rescue team is dispatched to a horrible conflagration or a good intent call. You need the ability to manage your vehicles to track them and conserve fuel.

What kind of fire and rescue department do you head up?
Are you part of a government entity?
Or, are you a private enterprise, possibly associated with a corporation?

Your fleet could consist of incident command vehicles, engines, trucks or rescue vehicles. The bottom line is that Total Telematics solutions can assist you with a task force or multi-alarm response.

First, the dispatch itself.

Obviously, the quicker your vehicles are on the scene, the better chance of saving lives and property. Total Telematics tools offer real-time tracking. Your command post will have immediate knowledge concerning vehicle location. And, make dispatch decisions based on the closest units available.

Concerned about the operation of your fire and rescue fleet?

Realize the benefits of proactive driver coaching. Total Telematics can monitor driver behavior and determine if your vehicles are driven safely. Put a stop to erratic driving and cut down on risk.

Despite all good efforts, fire and rescue vehicles can become involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Total Telematics tools allow you view any collisions and aid in accident reconstruction. Determine liability and dispute or deny insurance claims.

An instant view vehicle camera system has many applications for fleet managers of fire and rescue vehicles.

It is not only a powerful training aid but also assists in incident investigation. The combination of live video with real-time tracking makes it an invaluable tool.

The value of GPS tracking isn’t just proven in city streets.

Think of the advantage in wildfires in remote locations. Total Telematics real-time tracking and instant view vehicle camera puts you at the job. They are useful from the initial dispatch and also valuable in rerouting fire trucks and engines as needed.

Fire and Rescue Fleet Management Benefits

If you manage any size fleet of fire and rescue vehicles, you will quickly discover the value of real-time tracking and instant view cameras. Cut down on response times and get an integrated picture of your fleet in action.