Manage a fleet of delivery vehicles? We can help you list your priorities.

Safe transport

Keep your cargo and staff safe.

Quick delivery

Get to your destinations ahead of schedule.

Protect assets

Your vehicle and it’s cargo are protected.
You need solutions that help you get the job done.
Without them, your business could suffer.

What does your company deliver?

It could be small packages, groceries or furniture. Perhaps your business delivers food and beverages to restaurants or retail establishments. You may deliver to dealerships or construction sites. Whatever you transport, someone is waiting for your product. It’s, therefore, important that you get it there expeditiously.

Total Telematics solutions are perfect for tracking your vehicles and cargo.

The use of GPS real-time tracking gives you immediate access to your fleet’s location. You can also determine whether your drivers are cutting safety corners.

What do we mean?

Consider a tool that actually monitors whether your delivery team is speeding or neglecting safety issues. Are vehicles left to idle and thus wasting gas? With this information, you have the opportunity to coach your drivers to improve their driving behavior.

Every delivery vehicle can benefit from an instant video view camera.

Document any claims made by your employees or third parties. If your vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle collision, you will be able to review the video and provide it to others for evaluation.

Make Deliveries On Time

You want to make sure your deliveries are made on time.

Total Telematics will help you manage delivery times. Real-time traffic alerts give you a sense of where route adjustments are appropriate. Have concerns that your drivers are diverting from their assigned routes? Assess routes with specially designed tools. See your entire fleet and provide better customer service when customers call looking for their delivery.

Locate your vehicles right from your phone

Total Telematics offers fleet risk managers the security that they can locate their vehicles from a smart phone. The total package just makes the delivery business easier.