Successful construction companies all have one thing in common…

they protect their assets.

Whether it’s monitoring drivers, safeguarding equipment or delivering cargo unharmed, you can trust Total Telematics to get the job done right.

How do we help construction companies?

Total Telematics systems integrate seamlessly with any size construction vehicle or construction equipment your company may have. Backhoes, excavators, graders, bulldozers, trenchers, scrapers, trucks, the list goes on!

With constant video monitoring, you can be assured your equipment is safe and sound. Absolutely vital for larger, expensive construction equipment that your company can’t live without.
Ensure drivers are exhibiting caution when driving, by monitoring speed and braking. Use your findings to make them aware of concerning behavior. Safer drivers mean preservation of your assets as a whole.
Want to see if your construction vehicles are on location? Worried that materials have not reached the job site? With Total Telematics GPS tracking, you can instantly find your construction equipment. And, make necessary determinations concerning your work in progress.
When necessary, you can provide directions to your drivers and suggest better routing options. This will help with fuel efficiency. You’ll even know when your fleet operators are letting their engines idle for extended periods. And, be able to address the issues associated with long time idles.
No one likes to think about accident claims. Just about everyone is concerned about their validity. Total Telematics has the ability to help disprove if your company was to blame for an accident. It’s as easy as reviewing video footage. On an immediate basis.
And, then there are the times when there is no question that your driver did something wrong. The insurance company will be able to mitigate claims faster with clear evidence of the accident scene.

Save Money

Your investment in Total Telematics is actually a chance to save in a couple of ways. You may pay lower insurance premiums and experience lower claim costs. You will be able to reduce fuel expenditure. You will have the ability to track your vehicles and protect your assets.

Of course, your biggest savings will pan out in security. You will feel safer with video and tracking tools.