Like all businesses, there is a risk in chartering vehicles.

As a fleet manager in the charter business, you might feel like you have little control.

That’s where Total Telematics tools are advantageous.

What types of vehicles do you charter?

Do you run a charter bus service or allow others to use your buses?

Do you own a fleet of personal charter vehicles for airport runs or school transportation services?

Your business may be unique in that you deal with different drivers as need requires them.

How will you gain trust and familiarity with their driving skills?

Total Telematics solutions actually let you monitor those who get behind the wheel. Let drivers know that their actions are being recorded. And, coach them to perform in compliance with the law and your safety requirements.

How else can you protect and monitor your fleet?

Add an instant view vehicle camera to your tracking system. You don’t have to be in the driver’s seat to see what is going on. You can be seated in your office and assess situations projected to you via video technology.

Charter businesses find video cameras to be extremely useful.

They reduce costs in case of a collision as they give a clear picture of any motor vehicle events. Claims are settled quickly or even dismissed as a result of the evidentiary video.

Charter services don’t necessarily always follow the same route.

With Total Telematics GPS tracking, your drivers can plan routes and change them when traffic congestion interferes. You can even make suggestions from a remote location.

Location tracking is important to charter vehicles.

You need to know where your cars, vans or buses are on an immediate basis. That’s what Total Telematics solutions can do for you. In the event that a vehicle is lost or stolen, you have the ability to find it.

Track The Location of Your Charter Vehicles