School, Public & Private Buses

Do you manage a fleet of buses?

Then, you know the importance of the safe transport of both children and adult passengers.

Total Telematics solutions help you protect and manage your vehicles and the people on them.

As a fleet manager for any size bus company, you need to know where your buses are at all times. You operate on timetables and want to make sure that your drivers make it to their scheduled stops. If parents or school officials express concerns about the location of a bus, you need the ability to provide them with information instantly.

Safety is crucial for bus operators. You don’t have to wait for passengers to bring back tales claiming poor driver performance. You will be able to monitor driver behavior in real-time from a remote location. Check to see if your bus operators are using excessive speed. Determine whether they slam on the brakes indiscriminately.

You most likely were very careful in your selection of bus operators. The ability to observe them without being there is quite useful. Bus drivers will know they are being monitored and instinctively practice good driving habits to avoid discussions with management. Nonetheless, supervisors can use Total Telematics tools as training aids for driver coaching.

Worried that your drivers may be wasting fuel?

If it’s a question of leaving a bus idling, you will also be able to track this information. If you are concerned that fuel is wasted when a bus goes off route, you can address this as well.

What if a bus does need to take an alternate course?

Total Telematics GPS real-time tracking includes traffic issues and suggested shortcuts. And, if you need to dispatch another bus to a location? Find out where your fleet is at all times and select the closest and most available bus.

Buses Benefit from Instant View Cameras

Add to your fleet’s security with the use of Total Telematics Instant View Vehicle Camera. The benefits are endless. Take control of what is happening on a bus while it is going on. You will feel like you are on board.

Worried about accident claims?

Document and review any and all incidents. Total Telematics solutions allow you to determine possible liability. You will also receive information concerning G-force data. Cut down on insurance demands.

Accident Claims Made Simple