When it comes to transporting the sick or the injured, time is of the essence.

If you are the manager of a fleet of ambulances, time management is one of your top priorities.
In your case, someone’s life could depend on how quickly your drivers are able to respond to a call.

Track your entire fleet in real-time.

GPS real-time tracking systems offer positive reinforcement for ambulance companies. Instant view vehicle cameras are part of the package. Consider the benefits of knowing where your vehicle is and what it doing at every moment.

Can you see how this can work to your advantage?

Your initial challenge is often determining which rig is closest to the next call. With GPS real-time tracking, you can see your entire ambulance fleet all at once. Make snap dispatch decisions based on location. Lessen response time on emergency calls.

That’s just the beginning.

Total Telematics solutions can help your drivers with directions. They may be accustomed to a particular route. However, it might not be the fastest one. There’s also the possibility that traffic could delay their arrival. You need tools that focus on finding the easiest and shortest route.

But, that’s not all.

Would it help you to monitor your drivers’ behavior? We’re talking the manner in which they operate the ambulance. Are they unnecessarily heavy on the accelerator even in non-emergency situations? Perhaps you are concerned that they are putting themselves and others at risk.

What if there are reports of a motor vehicle incident?

G-force data is collected and evaluated. Even whiplash claims can be disputed based on evidence.

Monitor, Coach, Improve.

With Total Telematics’ solutions, you can monitor driving patterns and bring them to the forefront. Coach your drivers concerning driving in different situations. Make sure they understand the difference between responding to life and death situations as opposed to a medical transport.

View Video Live From the Scene

Instant view vehicle cameras are a valuable asset used in ambulance fleets. You will have the ability to record or view calls. It’s as though you are on the scene in real-time.

Ambulance Fleet Benefits

If your fleet consists of ambulances, you are charged with important duties. You need tools that will help you act efficiently and safely. After all, your business decisions could impact many lives.