Protect What Matters

If your fleet management safety program is like most, it is designed to protect your most precious commodity, your employees. An emphasis on driver safety is at the forefront in reducing motor carrier accident rates. Consider the findings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding motor vehicle crashes. NHTSA reports that at least ninety percent of accidents are related to human error.

There is no doubt that you want your drivers to stay safe. The cost of accidents involving fatalities or injury is immeasurable. Safe driving also lessens the risk of collision and damage to both your fleet and cargo. Most companies find real time driving coaching tools act as a proactive approach to providing an enhanced safety protocol.

Driver Coaching and Fleet Risk Management

Your business likely screens and selects professional drivers based on their experience and training. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. One of the challenges of fleet management is coaching drivers. How do you currently monitor your drivers and address safety concerns?

Most fleet management safety programs include a hands on approach. A senior driver may be requested to do a ride along to assess and train other vehicle operators. But, what about the use of technology?

Total Telematics offers integrated instantaneous 3G camera video and tracking solutions. These can easily be used as real time coaching tools. Live driver safety reports determine if there are issues with a number of potentially unsafe actions. These include driver scoring for improper maneuvering, severe acceleration, harsh braking and aggressive cornering events.

Real time coaching tools enable fleet managers to detect unsafe driving and tailor individual training to conform to company expectations. Drivers are also aware of the video tools and instinctively self-correct to avoid confrontation.

As a fully integrated vehicle GPS tracking system, companies are able to locate their fleet instantaneously. This is particularly useful when it comes to pinpointing accidents or other trigger events.

Accident Management Tool

Accident prevention is the obvious goal of most fleet managers. Encouraging driver safety through observation and training is crucial. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen.

In the case of an accident, Total Telematics offers solutions that are instrumental in accident management. Our system accurately registers speed with GPS data recording. In addition, G-force data is frequently recorded, as are harsh driving events.

Instant upload of video, telemetry and mapping data are all available for retrieval. Total Telematics systems are extremely useful for accident reconstruction.