Risk Management

Safety. Efficiency. Compliance. All important aspects of every fleet business. Dealing with insurance companies is also a reality. Total Telematics can help make the job faster and painless. And, less costly.

Insurance Premium Costs

Insurance premium costs are a significant part of the overhead of every fleet business. A few things add to the price. Most fleet risk management teams understand them. Total Telematics’ tracking and real-time coaching tools help reduce insurance premiums.

More importantly? Our clients see an actual decline in the number of claims. Some have experienced an up to a sixty percent reduction in accident frequency. Certainly a factor in determining premium costs.

Safer Drivers

Why is there a decline in accident frequency with Total Telematics’ solutions? One word. Safety. Your drivers will be monitored to ensure they are properly operating your vehicle. And, when they are not, you will work to coach them. The outcome will be safer drivers.

Fleet Tracking

Unfortunately, fleet and cargo loss are a prospective nightmare for every fleet risk manager. Insurance companies recognize the practicality of GPS devices when it comes to recovering valuable property. A definite asset in reducing premium costs and prospective claims.

Claim Cost Reduction

Total Telematics solutions are valuable when it comes to reducing claim costs up to forty percent. This means lower legal fees and much faster case resolution times.

Wondering why? They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. If that’s so, live video is the novel approach. Here are some reasons that Total Telematics solutions can help reduce claim costs and contribute to faster case resolution:

  • Instantaneous live video of accidents or harsh driving incidents
  • Video can be uploaded to insurance adjusters with ease
  • Transmission of speed, GPS position, and G-force data all recorded frequently
  • Ability to prove driver innocence
  • Track and log vehicle journey history
  • G-force documentation can even help mitigate false whiplash claims