Efficiency At Every Level

Our tools are the key to lowering fuel usage, decreasing idle time, and getting live updates on optimal routes. You’ll see lower costs, less frustration, shorter trip times, and you’ll be helping the environment.

Increase Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Total Telematics Vehicle Camera and Tracking solutions are optimal when it comes to saving costs to improve fleet fuel efficiency. The track and log vehicle journey history encourages vehicle usage optimization.

Idle time is a big issue when it comes to issues with fuel efficiency. Trucks and other fleet vehicles may find themselves stuck in traffic. Both delivery vehicles and emergency responders often let the engine idle during stops. Minimizing idle time is not just a matter of fuel efficiency. It is also better for the environment.

Drivers are made aware of driving habits that may increase fuel consumption. This may mean avoiding rapid acceleration and quick braking. Shifting techniques can also increase the amount of fuel used, as can less than smooth smarts.

Route planning can be made easier with Total Telematics tools, with an emphasis on fuel optimization. Live updates allow drivers to change paths to avoid adverse traffic conditions. Drivers who must make frequent gear changes also use a large amount of fuel. This may be circumvented with live alerts.

Fleet managers are all aware that a healthy vehicle performs the best. Total Telematics tools have the ability to carry out a whole fleet health check.

Fuel costs are an expensive part of most fleet operations. Monitoring drivers and training them is quite effective. An improvement in fleet fuel efficiency can improve your company’s bottom line. Making sure your fleet is maintained properly will also save costs. The solution to productivity is always crucial.